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Your organization isn’t just about business

It’s about success. That’s why you need more than a ‘hire’ – you need CareerSpring. We’re here to help employers diversify and enrich their workforce, realize community engagement goals, and remain on the cutting edge of America’s rapidly evolving labor market.

Companies who thrive partner with CareerSpring

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“CareerSpring will enable first generation students and employers to connect in an efficient and scalable way.”

Trish Dever,
JP Morgan

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"One thing is to make social impact a goal, another thing is to actually connect with the community. Thanks to CareerSpring, that connection can be real and rewarding, for both companies and their employees."

Dr. Elizabeth Travis,
MD Anderson

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"Our operating companies want to be intentional about how we find and hire diverse talent. Partnering with CareerSpring gives us access to thousands of quality candidates, to do just that."

Scott Gwilliam,
Keystone Capital

What you get

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Talent Recruitment and Diversity. Together.

First generation college students are ethnically diverse and encompass grit and determination unique to their socio-economic background. Our Job Placement Services exclusively present this candidate pool to employers.

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Community Engagement that you can sustain and scale.

Employees can engage directly with their communities by joining our Career Advisor Forum or contributing to our Career Video Library. Both are efficient, yet extremely rewarding.

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National and Local Recognition

CareerSpring recognizes Employer Partners on all marketing, website, and social media campaigns. You will also join our Network of community organizations, colleges and universities, high schools and other corporate partners committed to our mission.

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An Increased
ESG Score

Stand out to investors by increasing your organization’s Social impact. Not only will your organization participate in CareerSpring’s mission to unlock the employment potential of first generation college students, but your employees will actively participate as volunteers.

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Career information and advice to help first generation college students

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The CareerSpring Talent Pool

Resilience. Grit. Determination.

As educational pioneers in their family, first generation college students embark on uncharted territory to navigate the path through higher education and personal advancement. Courageously, they make this journey without the intellectual and social capital that facilitates the upward advancement of so many in our society. But, what first generation students lack in context and connections, they over-compensate for in determination, preparation, and potential.

These young men and women have followed our country’s guidance throughout their education and have reached the milestone that could transform their life and our communities forever. They are successful careers just waiting to happen. But they need help. With the right guidance, the right resources, and the right doors opened… first generation college students can become incredible assets to any organization they join.

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Meet Margot

She is currently pursuing an Environmental Science degree at the University of Chicago, where she is a part of the Global Health Research Scholars program. Margot aspires to pursue a career in planetary health.

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Meet Yorgelly

Her goal is to become a pediatric oncologist and discover innovative ways to target childhood cancer. Yorgelly graduated top 20% with honors from The University of Texas at Austin.

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Meet Manuel

He is an Ocean Engineering graduate from Texas A & M University, and has interned with several energy industry companies. He is currently seeking a project/design engineering job.

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Meet Donald

A Howard University senior, with a major in History and minor in English, Donald is passionate about pursuing a career through which he can create new avenues for education reform, social uplift, and inclusive school environments.

The CareerSpring Network works

CareerSpring is a collective of individuals and organizations who believe that first generation college students have the preparation and intellectual capacity, a set life experiences, and grit necessary to add significant value to our workforce. Together, employers, educators, community organizations, and volunteers build our Network of information and social capital to unlock this first generation student potential and facilitate high-quality employment that enables both individuals and employers to prosper. We have no doubt – our Network works.

Learn more about our Network Partners

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"The CareerSpring Network is very much in line with our company’s values for social impact, our goals for talent recruitment, and our belief in the future potential of first generation college students."

Peter Tumminello,
Group President, Southern Company

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"Through the CareerSpring Platform, the Cristo Rey Network can strengthen and expand the services we offer our alumni through our new national alumni association, supporting each one in best-fit professional roles once they graduate from college."

Elizabeth Goettl,
CEO, Cristo Rey Network

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“Genesys Works is proud to partner with CareerSpring to strengthen our community and ensure everyone has the opportunity to find meaningful work. We know how important it is for our alumni to connect with other professionals as they navigate the pathway to career success."

Katherine Taylor,
Genesys Works

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“Getting the right advice from the right people has helped me get where I am today. This is why I know CareerSpring can help me get where I’m going tomorrow.”

Isaiah Culpepper,
Bachelor in Nursing, UTHealth

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"CareerSpring's access to career information is incredibly valuable because it enables first gen students like me to demystify jobs we're interested in, giving us a better sense of jobs that match us and how to obtain them."

Rebeca Salas,
Bryn Mawr graduate

Join the CareerSpring Network

Join the Network that works to support the American dream for first generation college students.With an on-line Career Platform that presents career information, provides a forum for career advice, facilitates networking and personal connections, and promotes job opportunities and candidate searches – all in one place – your company will be poised to benefit and contribute.

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