At CareerSpring, we prioritize efforts to ensure the user-friendliness of our online career access model, via our public website as well as our Career Platform. In doing so, we use the World Wide Web Consortium’s documented Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) as the standards of quality that drive our websites’ design, development, and on-going maintenance/improvements. 

In regard to our most recent WCAG compliance, we share the following:  

  • Our login-accessible website (also known as the Career Platform),, is powered by Vault-Firsthand, an online networking platform within the Infobase educational solution product line. In November of 2021, Vault-Firsthand used a WAVE (Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool) from WebAIM, Colour Contrast Analyser (CCA), the ARC Toolkit, axe DevTools v4.17.1 Chrome extension, the JAWS (Job Access With Speech) screen reader from Freedom Scientific, and manual keyboard testing to conduct an online accessibility (WCAG) audit (based on VPAT Version 2.4) of its platform and achieved a compliant report for Levels A and AA of WCAG 2.0 and 2.1.

Given that WCAG compliance remains an on-going effort, in light of continually evolving standards and guidelines, we are committed to updating our WCAG compliance documentation on a regular basis. We also welcome partner institutions and organizations to express their specific WCAG needs/interests to facilitate our on-going improvement in this realm, and to serve a growing number of individuals with diverse needs.

1. AccessibilityChecker is a free, online resource that offers helpful content and website accessibility features reviews. AccessibilityChecker is a proud member of the International Association of Accessibility Professionals (IAAP).

2. Infobase is an educational solutions provider who facilitates the connection between content, people, and the learning experiences that empower individuals to evolve personally and professionally throughout their life.