Catherine Flax

Catherine is President of Private Markets, X Machina Capital Strategies, providing leadership coaching to executives in Financial Services, Fintech, Commodities, Professional Services and the Non-Profit sectors. Previously, she has held numerous executive leadership positions, including that of CEO at Pefin, Managing Director and Head of Commodity Derivatives, Foreign Exchange and Emerging Markets Sales and Trading for the Americas at BNP Paribas, and Chief Marketing Officer of J.P. Morgan. She brings decades of experience in business and strategic growth, innovation, talent development, regulatory affairs, diversity and inclusion, and more.

A leader in Financial Services, Catherine is currently on the Advisory Board of Jai Kisan (India), Darisami (Mauritius), Parameter Insights (Canada), and the Living Centerline Institute (US). A long-time champion of diversity, Catherine has also served on the J.P. Morgan Investment Banking Inclusive Leadership Council as well as on the J.P. Morgan Chase Diversity Council. Catherine has also worked with several non-profit organizations. She is currently on the board of Cristo Rey Brooklyn, as well as on the Wall Street Advisory council for the Texas A&M business school.

Catherine holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics and Finance from Texas A&M University, and a Master’s in Economics from Brown University.