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Why CareerSpring?

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why career spring

Because you have career experience that can inform and inspire FGLI students.

CareerSpring has FGLI students that need support to launch a meaningful career.

Together, we’ll ensure that you give, they gain, and our entire community wins.

Career Video Volunteer

Career Video Volunteer

Love your job? Share your professional story with our students in a short career video. Answer several key questions about how you got into your career, what your work is like, and what advice you have for FGLI college students considering a similar path.

Career Advisor

Your career experience and professional path can be a source of guidance and inspiration for FGLI students. When you become an Advisor, students (Advisees) can reach out to you for live advisory video conferences via the Platform’s online meeting software. You can even set your preferred availability and meeting capacity per month.

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You’ll transform lives with every career video, connection, advising session or job opportunity you make possible

The CareerSpring Network Works

When college legacies and professional connections don’t run in a person’s family, their preparation, perseverance, and personal life experiences run the risk of being undervalued. Our Network provides the resources and support to unlock this rich potential, and ensure every FGLI student in America obtains high-quality employment.


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Join the Network that works to help first generation college students realize their career dream.

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